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Our Online puppy Training package

5 x 45 minutes online sessions. One to one, Customisable. 

Online training is absolutely perfect for new puppy owners.  Training begins from day one but puppies can't join a group class until at least 12 weeks after they are vaccinated.

The 5 weeks will be a mixture of theory and practical. Here are just some of the things covered:

  • Help and advice for all your puppy problems; chewing, toilet training, mouthing/biting etc

  • Learn about your puppy's body language

  • Sit, down, stay, leave it 

  • Walk nicely on a lead

  • Come back when called

  • Tricks

  • Preventing common future problems; separation anxiety and resource guarding. 

  • Socialisation; what it's all about and how to do it properly.

You will get a certificate upon completion for our puppy training course. 


New Puppy Consulation
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