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WHat we believe

Kind and Patient.

We want our dogs to live happily in our world and it is our job to guide them and to set them up to make good decisions by giving them the right tools. You have a lifetime together so what is the rush anyway? Anyone offering a quick fix, like any quick fix, you'll see it fall apart again just as quickly. We build foundations, which will be talked about from the beginning and you'll also be given management advice while you're building those foundations.


What does that even mean? Here is a practical example. If your dog pulls on the lead a foundation would be teaching your dog eye contact. They can't pull if they're looking at you. No need for choke chains or slip collars. Management would be a comfy harness with a front clip to take the pressure of their neck while you're training.


As a proud member of the IMDT, Wonderdog Training follow a strict code of ethics. We promise to work in the best interest of you, your dog and the public. We never use any form of pain, force or intimidation. We provide and promote science based, proven dog training principles to a high, professional standard. We are here purely for your benefit and your dog's; kind and patient.

One on One Dog Training
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